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About Happy Mermaid Learning

  • Happy Mermaid Learning is here to give parents a well deserved break from all of the teaching they do, and let us help!

  • Our goal is to inspire children to have a confident inner voice. Our songs, books, and videos will soon be released in many languages to promote simple learning through song!

  • We believe representation is very important for growing minds and will commit ourselves to do our part to bring diversity to our characters!


"My 4 year old daughter LOVES this song and book! We read it and listen to the song daily. It's very catchy and great as a parent, knowing that it's content is helping with self-confidence and teaching persistence. She requests more songs and books please! ❤"

Woody, 5/5 Amazon Review

"I bought a couple of these cute books for Christmas presents for a couple of special little girls in my life! Very colorful and nicely illustrated."

"Bought this for my grand daughters for when they visit. They are into mermaids and love the pictures and the catchy little song "I can do It" that is also available. They sing it all the time. It makes them feel like they can read when they follow the song in the book, turning the pages."

Ken, 5/5 Amazon Review

CJ Grant, 5/5 Amazon Review