Who Are We?

- Shelly Page, Author, Illustrator, Composer -

As the creator of Happy Mermaid Learning, Shelly writes the songs, illustrates the books, and runs the whole operation. From Coeur d'Alene Idaho, Shelly has traveled on cruise ships all around the world as a musician, and as a Youth Counselor. In South America, Shelly ran children's activities at English Immersion Summer Camps. After encouragement from supportive friends, she finally took their advice and began creating songs and stories for kids. The mermaid theme is an homage to her days at sea. (Plus, her nieces love their sparkly tails!) Making learning fun and inclusive while using her platform to create more representation for the beautifully diverse children in the world is Shelly's purpose and goal. She will continue to strive to make fun, engaging songs, books, and activities to bring more joy and confidence to children everywhere. 

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